Janay Hankins at Mt. Charleston

Janay feat. Mt. Charleston Lodge Quick story: So me and Janay decided that to do her digitals, let’s go to the mountains! I cannot handle this heat yall, I swear to BOB! So we called ourselves going out to the mountains to “beat the heat”. Sis, it was still hot af to me sooooo…lol. But it was beautiful out there. I usually do not mess around up there ever since I got that long ass ticket shooting Sarah Moore and her maternity photos. Yes, I’m still salty about it lol. Anyways, I have only usually been close to Winter or Spring but not really the summer. It’s so nice yall. Thank the lord the lodge appeared to be closed so we were left alone to capture/enjoy nature unbothered by the nosey & bored. 

This girl Is beautiful In any scenery officially.

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