About "Sweetface" from Sweetface Images

Brittany, better known as Sweetface, did not know that she was destined to create until about 2010. She was a awkward black girl whom loved graphic design and suddenly got bored with the images on the internet to practice on. Back when Myspace was popping, graphic design was at a peak and she was profiting. She thought to herself one day, I am going to try to produce great images of my own. She bought her first camera, a point and shoot, and began a long standing selfie obsession with her Myspace & Facebook community. As years passed, she began taking more and more photos and working less on her graphic design. She found her niche and love in this world. She went on to buy her first DSLR and 50mm 1.8 and never looked back.  She loves to capture fashion & portraits. Fashion has no rules and neither does she. 

Continue to follow her journey and watch her grow....<3

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