One-on-One Retouch Coaching

Why Hire a Retouch Coach?

Retouching. Editing. Whatever you may call It...It sucks. Everyone hates It for the most part, right? But what If you would legit like to learn how to retouch your photos without the hassle? Who do you call on? 

We normally call on other photographers or even Youtube for help but the learning curve Is so overwhelming sometimes. If you are finding yourself swamped with Images to retouch and lost, no worries! Sweetface Images has got ya back, yall! 

One-on-One Retouch Coaching

One-on-One Retouch Coaching Is meant to only help you learn how to retouch at your own level and pace. The coaching session Includes: a 1-hour personal virtual meeting, the completed .PSD file and all the juicy tips and tricks from an 11-year experienced photographer. 

We focus on your Images and how to best retouch them. 

Certain Zoom meetings may be recorded for educational purposes. In the event, you will receive a copy to refer back to as well!

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