Why Hire a Basic Retouch Editor?

First things first, what am I even talking about, right? 

Well, I am a skilled photo retoucher as well as proficient in color grading for all skin tones and have been noticing how many photographers are simply lost with how to get that professional polished look. 

That's the time to hire an Editor/Retoucher.  

Before you throw your beloved computer out the window with the phone keeping all those "just checking" emails, let me see If I can help you first. Y'all know what I mean...I see you laughing :).

What Is a Basic Retouch?

Say you have just finished culling a wedding portrait session, send the gallery for selection and get the choices & think "omg, I don't have time to edit 25 photos! I have 3 sessions waiting already. This will take up so much of my family time."? 

You may need a Basic Retoucher or what I am calling It, a Basic Retouch Editor. 

When simple editing won’t do the trick, retouching begins. Basic retouching means up to 10-15 minutes of work on an image (depending on how many photographed In the Image) – removing blemishes, brightening teeth, smoothing skin, or even removing an unsightly subject In the background…

Okay, so what Is an Advanced Retouch?

Advanced Retouching involves Photoshop or other programs to manipulate the image & any Image that's retouching will take more than 30mins. of work. An Advanced Retouch often covers high-end techniques used to retouch the skin, professional intricate individual color grading or  removing other out of place details. Retouching can get complicated with such things as fixing clothing, removing braces, taking away body weight, fixing large pieces of hair, etc. Even though, In some cases, some retouchers will refuse to alter an Image In that way.

When would I ever need this service?

Are you submitting to a magazine for publishing? Have you just completed an editorial campaign with a close deadline but have other client work? Sorry to break It to y'all, you cannot fake-It through commercial/editorial work that Is not polished. It's noticed.

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